The Wombats

Okay, so I’ve now written two posts about live music. Seemingly, even though both gigs were freakin’ awesome, I haven’t found it in me to have a proper rant about how goddamn amazing it really is. I love live music. There aren’t that many things I love, really, but this is one of them. So here’s my opportunity to demonstrate my fixation with it.


The second time I saw them, 3 days ago, was like really, really good sex. Really. I can’t even explain how brilliant they were. Wow. I fucking love those guys. I am in love with all three of them. I am in love with everything they have ever written or covered or said or done.

Go see them. If you never take heed to any other advice I hand out, take heed to this!


The guy in the middle is Tord. If you recall a mention of him a while back. The Norwegian hottie. Yes, hottie. Mmz. There was this moment when he dove into the crowd and some girl tore off his shirt. It was a fine moment. *dribble*

The atmosphere in that room was ridiculous, in a brilliant, brilliant way. Never have I felt so inclined to throw myself around and sing (screech).

Okay, my second post today. Wow, I’m not very good at writing positively. And my sudden motivation has dried up and blown away. So, uhm.

*to be continued*


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